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I want to help others crossover and join the entrepreneurial world! I know how tough it can be starting out. That is why I created this podcast. My podcast will bring you stories of inspiration, encouragement, marketing tips and practical business advice to help you create the lifestyle business you've dreamed of. 

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You May Not Know Me Yet....

I have been keeping my fire under a bushel for quite some time. It took many years for me to finally get brave enough to raise my voice. Truthfully, it's also a ton of work to pull off something like this when you're RUNNING A BUSINESS! 

I'm ready now. I am ready to shine my light. I am ready to share content with others I feel will truly make a difference. I know there are a ton of great podcasts out there about the path of FREEDOM but I think I have a unique spin you will enjoy. 

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Fail-Well, Tammy

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Podcast Overview & A Lesson on Seeking Clarity

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3 Life-Changing Mindset Hacks to Combat Entrepreneur Challenges

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It's NEVER Just About Business. It Should ALWAYS Be Personal.

Episode 8


Failing Well

Often I get asked what did you say at the end? Did you say Fail-Well instead of Farewell? What does that mean? Why do you say that?

If you haven't listened to the very first episode this may be confusing to you. I am a believer in failing, failing well that is. When you fail on your journey because you took a wrong turn or made some sort of mistake that is awesome! This brings you closer to finding your clarity. It brings you closer to success! 

However, do it well meaning make that mistake and move on to make new ones. Don't make the same mistakes over and over. 

When you are frozen and not in active pursuit perhaps due to fear, you stay in the same place. 

So take action! Move forward! Make mistakes! Learn. Make new mistakes and find your clarity. This is where success lives.