The Take Action Business Course

My qualifications:

I've mentored entrepreneurs for years AND I've helped many grow successful businesses. I have freed myself and my husband from corporate America. We will NEVER go back! 

Oh, I also have OCD! An anxiety illness brings a whole other set of challenges to entrepreneurs who need to get things done and make money.

The techniques I teach in this course keep me off the meds and PROFITABLE

Here's what I know about MOST entrepreneurs:

1. They don't have clear idea of what it is they're doing. 
2. They spend their time working on the wrong things.
3. They don't take action.
4. They don't know how to manage their time.
5. They're chasing a quick way to success - which coincidently they spend YEARS doing! (So much for QUICK huh?)
6. They spend way too much time and money on learning things they will never implement. 
7. They are always thinking I need to do ______. But they never do.

You're probably thinking, "Hmmm this course sounds great, I need this, I will book mark it and think about it later." 

Later never comes, fast forward 6 more months, a year, even longer and you still haven't made changes.


You really really have to. Something bad happens and you lose your highest paying client or you have a financial set back of some sort.

Now, you HAVE to do something.

But now that you HAVE to do something you're lost and overwhelmed. You don't know where to start or exactly what you can do to save yourself.

No, I am not a mind reader, I just used to be the star of this show.

Take Massive Action to Create Profit in Your Business

The most important ingredient to becoming a successful entrepreneur lives within your mindset and your ability to CREATE ACTION.

Have you ever seen a really successful person and wondered how they do it? It's called ACTION. 

While you're busy reading about taking action they are doing it. 

You have the power inside you to train your brain to focus on the important things. The things that divide success from mediocrity. The things that create a life you've dreamed of and deserve! You can use this power whenever you decide to. 

Let's talk about my course!

This course takes place over 3 Cycles. 

Cycle 1 Squash Overwhelm: We work on creating the right mindset. A mindset that creates action.

Cycle 2 Take Action: I take you through an exercise that gets down to what you should be working on in your business. We also create a list of priorities. Once you leave this section you will have  your important work outlined and everything not important to the success of your business weeded out of your process. 

Cycle 3 Get Profitable: Here you will determine the value of your time and put structure in place to make sure you GET PAID.

The Take Action Business Course
Squash Overwhelm. Take Action. Get Profitable.

Cycle 1 - Squash Overwhelm

Lesson 1: The Power of Focus - The ability to focus and get things done is literally the train that divides. Let's talk about the most modifiable part of your body, your brain. You have the power to rewire it to focus on whatever you want to.

Lesson 2: The Core of Success - Here we will continue our talk on the power of focus. We will also talk about NOT using "busy" as a form of measurement in your business. 

Lesson 3 The 80/20 Rule - Here I introduce you to the Pareto Principal or A.K.A. the 80/20 rule which states that 20% of your actions account for 80% of your results. We'll discuss how to use this principal to work in your favor to get the work done that really matters. 

Lesson 4 The Important Work - The important work is what happens between where you are in your business and where you want to be. This is the guts of your operation. This is about moving away from tasks and doing the things that really make a difference.

Lesson 5 The Perfection Disease - The lesson every entrepreneur needs on the perfection disease. Perfection kills just as much profit as procrastination does. It's time to start doing and moving forward. Time to get the ego out of your business!

Lesson 6 Your Lizard Brain - There is a reason you're held back in your business - in fact it's science. Your lizard brain is constantly moving against you. Simply recognizing your lizard brain, what it causes, and how you can control it makes all the difference in the world!

Cycle 2 - Take Action

Lesson 1 Compounded Chaos - All the stuff you carry around in your head wreaks havoc on your business! You're constantly seeking information to learn and be better, yet the impact of your newly found knowledge instead creates overwhelm and dissatisfaction. You're still stuck. Let's talk about HOW TO CRUSH IT! 

Lesson 2 Brain Bins - We're at the first step of what I have been preparing you for. Here we create your business brain bin - get ready to purge!

Lesson 3 Brain Purge - Here you will write down everything in your head related to your business. It can be messy, spontaneous and creative! We're going to clean it up later!

Lesson 4 Give it a Grade - Here I share my personal grading process with you. Let's figure out what really matters and throw the rest away!

Lesson 5 Hierarchy of Priorities - Two amazing things happen in this lesson! First  we talk about the number one mistake of any entrepreneur is trying to manage time. I share with you my theory on why time cannot be managed and here is what to do instead. Second, we decide the order of your priorities you graded in the previous lesson. It's getting good now!

Lesson 6 Assign Actions - Here we add yet another layer to the work you've created. Now we will assign the actions necessary to carry out the priorities you've set. You must declare action to get things done in your business!

Lesson 7 Create the Steps - The magic of being specific comes into play here! It's not enough to simple declare your actions, you have to write out your actions step-by-step! You'll need a map! Here I take your through my proprietary process and give you first hand examples to show you the way.

Cycle 3 - Get Profitable

Lesson 1 Dollar Sign on Your Time - Time to make it real! I will take you through an exercise to determine what your time is worth. I am not talking about where you are right now - we're talking about where you WANT to be. I am going to show you how to manifest the business you dream about! 

Lesson 2 Treat Yourself Like An Employee - Many entrepreneurs begin their journey with a sense of entitlement and this holds them back. You're in business to make money, let's talk about the mindset that creates it.

Lesson 3 Create Your Checklists - Now that you have your priorities and actions all mapped out its very important you take a few more steps. You need to make things as tangible as possible. Everyone loves a great checklist but there's a little more to it - in fact it's science. 

Lesson 4 Set Deadlines - Identifying your top priorities and then carrying through with action are the success secrets of champions. Here we talk about the crucial element many entrepreneurs avoid - setting deadlines. 

Lesson 5 Accountability - As humans we require a witness to our lives and our actions. It’s why we choose mates. Its also why we provide the best version of ourselves when we’re being watched. Here we will talk about the importance of being held accountable. 


"Tammy Hawk-Bridges has created a valuable kick-in-the-pants program for anyone who needs a push in a more profitable direction. Tammy will surprise and delight you with this step-by-step series of lessons, first identifying your self-defeating mindsets, then gently but firmly leading the way from mental chaos to personal transformation and clarity to your own model for business success. Her tools for transformation are simple but useful and the lessons are structured to make sure you use them. Bonus: Her warm presentation and her own realistic examples make her highly relatable. She has obviously been-there, done that! I recommend this course to any new or struggling entrepreneurs who simply feel overwhelmed, unfocused, or out of touch with their dreams. This powerful program can make the difference between success and failure."  

Kathy Estadt, President
Fresh Focus Group

"I thoroughly enjoyed this program and found it insightful and challenging. Tammy totally had my number! If your business stuck in a rut? Get his program and get unstuck TODAY! Tammy makes it easy to get to the bottom of what's holding you back and gives you a step-by-step path to get on track. Her personal stories add credibility to her guidance."

Gretchen M Birdwell, CPP
Certified Professional Photographer

"This course is one that a business owner needs. At times I find that my life and business gets filled with chaos which makes me anxious. Going through the course reminded me that all aspects of my life get touched when business is either good or bad, and that the chaos that comes with both needs to be addressed in order to clear the mind to be in control of the things I can control and recognize the things I can’t. Sound familiar?? I know when chaos creeps into my life either with business or my family, I begin to doubt myself that then leads to a sense of dread. And that sucks! This course is the gentle push to categorize the chaos and take action."

"I enjoyed going through the course during a quiet time I set aside to listen not hear, but listen. Tammy is so personable in her presentation and makes you feel that you are not alone and that chaos creeps into everyone’s life unconsciously (like the extra calories we get from frustration eating :-)) You deserve to relax your mind, take action, and feel more in control of your life. Tammy’s smooth tone calms you, allowing you to take in the course I encourage you to take it."

My take away is Clarity Crushes Chaos!!! Amen 

Candy Budyta
Owner, Lil' Baby Cakes




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