Free Course: The Facebook Pixel Step-By-Step

Are you confused by the Facebook Tracking Pixel?

Don't know what it is? How to use it or why you should even care?

The ability to retarget traffic with specific ads you've proven have interest in your products and services is one of the most amazing marketing opportunities of all time.

In this 6-lesson course in less than 1 hour you'll know exactly what a Facebook Pixel is, how to use it in your business, and have it completely set up! 

In this course I will teach you step-by-step how to harness the power of the Facebook Pixel to grow your business!

Don't be afraid of the technology! I have made this so simple a child could do it so if you can operate a food processor or a smart phone - you can create and load your Facebook Pixel!

Lesson 1: What is it Exactly? How does it work?

In this lesson I will first explain to you exactly what the pixel is and how it tracks your traffic. We'll also talk about cold traffic versus warm traffic and how harnessing warm traffic can mean new leads to your business! 

I will share with you some real examples of how a retargeting ad is positioned and how its used. 

Lesson 2: Locate Your Pixel

I will take you through the process of creating your Facebook Pixel and locating it if you have no clue. This is a very brief and painless process! If you've been scared of technology stuff you're definitely going to have a confidence boost after this! EAZY-PEAZY!

Lesson 3: Place the Pixel on Your WordPress Website

Bye-bye developer, hello independence! I will show you step-by-step how to upload a plugin, how to set it up, connect it to your Facebook Pixel, and BOOM you're ready to track your traffic. 

Lesson 4: Make Sure the Pixel is Working 

In this lesson I will demonstrate for you how to make sure your pixel is installed correctly and "firing". 

Lesson 5: The Pixel Helper

The Pixel Helper is a free chrome extension which is a great indicator to assure you your pixel is working properly. Consider this just an additional layer of double reinforcement.

There may be times you find yourself using your pixel on pages outside of your website for example in a platform like Leadpages. The Pixel Helper can assure you that it is working properly. 

Lesson 6: Place Your Pixel in Leadpages 

I will show you step-by-step how to load the Facebook Pixel into your LeadPage(s) so you can start tracking your opt-ins and retargeting them with specific Facebook ads. 

It's absolutely FREE! What are you waiting on?! Learn how to leverage the power of Facebook retargeting to grow your business today! 

Ready to Learn About the Power of the Pixel?

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