Google Ads for Chiropractors: Grow Your Practice Fast with Google Ads

In this course specifically designed for chiropractors, you will learn how to create a marketing strategy using Google Ads. I will take you step-by-step through the very process I use in my own professional marketing practice to create dynamic campaigns. 

Module 1: Marketing Education

Here in this module I want to be the marketing teacher that I am and start out by giving you a great education. We will talk about setting expectations, creating a budget, how to scale the growth of your practice and much more. Consider this the business training I seriously doubt you got in chiropractor school. I also think it's important for you to have some unbiased business training from someone who is not a chiropractor but instead, someone who was first successful in their own business and has duplicated that success many times over.  Trust me - you need this training.

Module 2: How the Google Ad Auction Actually Works

You may be a little shocked here when you realize how the Google Ad auctiotn actually works. If you have tried it with not much success in the past this is going to be your eye-opener. Your first thought may be "oh crap" so that's how it works??!

I am about to enlighten you.

Here we will talk about the Quality Ad Score and how it is created, additionally, Ad Rank and how the cost per click you pay is determined.

Module 3: How to Determine a Keyword Strategy

I will share with you a very simple but powerful strategy on keywords that trust me Google will NEVER teach you. This contains a strategy from my inner circle and it’s stupid simple to execute and will start you on the path of getting new patients quickly.

Module 4: Essentials for Success

Here in this module we will talk about the elements of a successful landing page and how to build it. I will show you one of my highest converting landing page layouts. It’s stupid simple but it just works. Again, I rely on science when I am creating a marketing strategy.

In addition, in this segment we will talk about your budget. You have to create a mindset that understands how to set expectations and set yourself up for success.

Module 5: How to Write Great Ads

This is my FAVORITE module!  I love to talk about the science of marketing because let me tell you it works. Here I will tell you how to write ads in addition we will go over each element of the Google Ad interface.

I will also share with you my personal excel worksheet which is a tool I use to create great ads before I even attempt the dashboard. It has formulas set up to count your characters etc. I never go to the dashboard and just start writing an ad - I have always thought it out and prepared. I will teach you how to follow my same process.

GREAT BONUS IN THIS MODULE: My excel spreadsheet that has all the characters for each part of your Google Ad calculated. Go here to give thought to and create your ads FIRST. Then go to the Google dashboard and simply copy & paste. This is the very worksheet I use in my own marketing practice.

Module 6: Create Your Ad Campaign

FINALLY here we are at the dashboard to get ready to create the ad that is going to bring your practice more patients!

You will see how simple I make this process. We will break it down and go through each piece carefully. You will be a pro after this module! You will be 100% in charge of a tool that will grow your practice whenever you need it to!

Module 7: Managing Your Campaign

My friend, THIS is the gold. I will share with you my personal management process and what you have to look for to build a successful campaign. Google Ads are NOT a set it and forget it process.

In this module, I will tell you how to add tweaks and updates to ensure success.

Module 8: Ad Performance 

What happens if your ad isn’t performing? Here we will go over all the variables and I will share with you trouble-shooting solutions.

Module 9: How to Play Google Defense

Google is going to contact you. They will email you and call you to “help” make your campaign more successful.

Additionally, there are settings in the dashboard that allows them to make changes to YOUR ads.

Here in this module I tell you how to handle this and what to do - and how to set your ads so they do not have your permission to interfere.

Let's Do This!

I really hope you will take me up on this course and learn how to use this powerful tool to your advantage.

I want to empower you with knowledge- I don’t you to have to rely on others who don’t have your best interest at heart.

I also want you to have the knowledge that gives you the confidence to learn how to grow a successful practice - I don’t want fear or overwhelm to prevent you from being as successful as you can be.

Ask Yourself

1. What is one new patient worth to your practice?

2. What is it worth to create a Google ad campaign that brings them in consistently week after week?

Consider this while you’re considering the small cost of this course.

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Google Ads for Chiropractors

If you're going to bring new patients into your practice on a consistent basis you're going to need a great marketing strategy that is consistent and focuses on not just quick gains but a long term growth strategy.

An important part of that strategy is appearing at the top of Internet searches conducted by your target market.

In this course I share with you the very strategies I use to create successful and PROFITABLE marketing campaigns for my clients. 

Start it on a Friday and by Monday execute what you have learned to consistently bring in new patients to your practice. 

$197.00 USD