The Pajama Entrepreneur

I get the AMAZING pleasure of getting paid to do something I LOVE. I do it from the comfort of my own home. AND - I do it IN MY PAJAMAS. 

No more suits. No more asshole coworkers. No more traffic. No more working for someone else's dream. No more living from paycheck to paycheck.

I was SHOVED from corporate America, from a job I loved and spent almost 8 years working hard at. 

You know what NEVER occurred to me? That it could be taken from me. 

But guess what? It was. 

It was like a lift of a leg and someone PEEING all over 8 years of my life. 

I decided NO MORE. 

I decided I would not make a life investment in another job and in someone else's company.

Instead, I would make that investment in ME. 

It was a tough road.

I f'ed up.


But I made it to the other side. 

I have created a successful lifestyle business I LOVE. 

You know what?


This course takes you on a journey of many of the things a new entrepreneur misses the mark on.

I am creating this in an effort to hold the flashlight on your path.

This course has 3 modules which combined are less than 1 hour. 

So, a small investment of time, for a HUGE amount of insight that could very well be the light that leads you down the right path. 


The Mindset

Here we talk about SOME huge things that get in the way mentally for entrepreneurs. This is the HEAVY LIFTING here. Without this piece, you will struggle.


Treat a Little BIZ Like It's BIG

This is the mindset that saved my a*s. Even when I was only making $500 a month in my business I still treated it like it was a big business. Let me tell  you how.


The Internet

What caused my first business to fail was simple (Although I did not know that at the time). I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS OF MARKETING.

As a result, I could not reach enough people to ask them to buy my products.

I could not sustain the business so it failed.

The Internet is how we market our businesses and you need a basic education to open your eyes to show you how it applies to YOUR business model.

The Pajama Enterpreneur

The Pajama Enterpreneur was written and created out of LOVE. I want to hold the flashlight for what can be a dark path. 

This is a course worth THOUSANDS for a small investment. That is on purpose. I want anyone to be able to afford this one! 

Check it out! You won't be sorry!


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