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I created a lifestyle business
that allows me to work from home and IN MY PJ's!!

I would love to teach you to do the same!

Available Entrepreneur Courses

The Pajama Entrepreneur

A critical and easy to implement blueprint that points out all the areas most entrepreneurs unfortunately skip. We will cover topics of the Internet, the importance of building your list, setting financial goals and so much more!

3 Videos that are less than 1 hour combined (but very powerful) with worksheets and cheatsheets to reinforce the strong points.

If you are considering the entrepreneurial journey start here! Even if you are already there, you may find somethings here you missed.

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The Take Action Business Course

As an entrepreneur who suffers with anxiety and bouts of depression I have had to push myself really hard to get things done. 

So many entrepreneurs waste time on things that do not push them or their business forward. I have created a proprietary process that just works! 

Let me guide you to get out of your own way, stop making excuses and discover "the important work" in your business!

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Email Marketing for Coaches

If you're a coach of some sort whether your world is health, business, life and everything and anything in between - you are in a position to change people's lives.

Here's something you need to understand: Our decisions can be influenced. 

This course teaches you how to reach your reader in a way that is authentic and genuine so they connect with you in way that creates the interest and desire to take it another step - to purchase from you. 

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The Yanking Bootstraps Podcast

The Yanking Bootstraps podcast will share marketing tips, inspiration and practical business advice to people who are on or considering taking the entrepreneurial journey.

It's my goal to shine a light on what can sometimes be a dark path.

About Your Host: Tammy is a broadly experienced marketing consultant, business strategist, author, blogger, and entrepreneur mentor who has had the opportunity to consult with companies all over the globe.

She is an expert at identifying new ways to leverage the Internet for marketing gain.

Tammy currently runs Perfect Marketing

She is a profitability and lead generating strategist for service-based businesses.

Click here to go to the check out the podcast.  

My Entrepreneurial Journey

I was a high-level, award-winning (many times over) sales executive in the advertising and marketing industry.

That is until I got booted.

This was a career I devoted a large portion of my life to, and I loved it.

Here's the strange thing - it never occurred to me that could happen.

So I said F-that. 

I was uncomfortable allowing someone else to have that much power over my life. 

So I left the cubicle world and I created a business of my own. I now want to teach others to do the same. ❤️

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8 Years 8 Truths

In 2018 I reached the 8 year point in my business. I spent a lot of time reflecting about where I started and I where I currently was. I overcame some pretty tough hurdles and even helped my husband to create a business of his own. In this video I share with you 8 crucial truths I discovered on my path.


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